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Trump declares Biden is managed by people in the ‘dark shadows’

September 1, 2020 | 12:40am | Updated September 1, 2020 | 8:33am President Trump on Monday said Joe Biden is a “weak person” who is controlled by people in the “dark shadows,” before warning that a Justice Department investigation was underway into “some very stupid rich people” who are funding the violent mobs leading riots…

September 1, 2020

President Trump on Monday said Joe Biden is a “weak individual” who is controlled by people in the “dark shadows,” prior to cautioning that a Justice Department investigation was underway into “some extremely stupid rich people” who are moneying the violent mobs leading riots in a number of cities.

Trump made the claim throughout a wide-ranging hour-long interview on Fox News where the president likewise revealed an examination into “thugs” on an airplane and clarified the Portland protests.

The president had actually said that if Biden were to win the November basic election, the previous vice president wouldn’t “calm things down,” describing the civil discontent afflicting parts of the country.

” He’s a weak individual, he’s managed like a puppet,” Trump told host Laura Ingraham. “They will have won, they will have taken control of the cities,” he stated.

From there, Ingraham asked Trump who he thinks “is pulling Biden’s strings?”

” Individuals that you’ve never ever become aware of. People that are in the dark shadows,” the president responded.

The host questioned his response, noting it seemed like a “conspiracy theory.”

” No– individuals that you haven’t heard of.

The president then told Ingraham about a present investigation into a group of dark-uniformed using travelers found aboard an airplane with the intent of creating chaos.

” We had somebody get on an airplane from a particular city this weekend, and in the aircraft it was practically completely loaded with goons, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with equipment and this and that,” Trump said.

” However they came from a specific city and this person was coming to the Republican politician National Convention, and there resembled 7 individuals on the airplane like this individual. And after that a lot of people were on the aircraft to do huge damage.”

Earlier Monday, speaking in Pittsburgh, Biden blamed the continuous violence in many Democratic-run cities on Trump, which Ingraham brought up throughout the interview.

Trump addressed by claiming Portland has actually been under siege given that long before he took office.

” Portland’s been burning for several years, for years it’s been burning,” he stated about the city in Oregon.

” We sent out in Homeland Security.

Trump likewise discussed housing policy, bringing up his choice to roll back a low-income real estate effort embeded in place during the Obama-Biden administration.

The president said Democrats, through the fair housing guideline that aimed to fight segregation in residential areas, were trying to damage “the American Dream.”

” Westchester was ground no for what they were trying to do,” the president stated. “They desire low-income real estate. And with that comes a lot of various problems, including criminal offense.”

Ingraham inserted, commenting, “You’re not stating all poor individuals are bad guys, though?”

” No, I’m not stating that at all. There is a level of violence you do not see,” Trump stated.

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