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Trump cancels Jacksonville, Florida, part of Republican convention– live

12.54am BST00:54 Summary From me and Joan E Greve: Donald Trump announced that the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville is canceled. The move comes after Trump shifted the venue to Jacksonville from Charlotte after North Carolina’s governor expressed concerns about hosting a full-scale convention amid the pandemic. Florida voters disapproved of both their governor Ron…


From me and Joan E Greve:

  • Donald Trump revealed that the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville is canceled. The move comes after Trump moved the place to Jacksonville from Charlotte after North Carolina’s guv expressed concerns about hosting a full-scale convention in the middle of the pandemic.
  • Florida voters disapproved of both their governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, according to a Quinnipiac survey launched today. As the state sees record varieties of cases, a majority Floridians surveyed said masks should be mandated.
  • The justice department inspector general revealed an investigation into the actions taken by federal representatives in Portland. DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz said his office would likewise investigate federal agents’ forceful removal of serene protesters in Lafayette Square near the White Home last month.

  • The mayor of Portland was teargassed last night during protests versus the presence of federal representatives in the city. The event took place hours after Trump announced strategies to send federal troops to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well.
  • The number of US coronavirus cases went beyond 4 million, according to data put together by Johns Hopkins University. The nation hit the grim turning point as dozens of states report boosts in brand-new cases.
  • Another 1.4 million Americans applied for welfare last we ek. The figure marks a minor uptick from the week in the past, ending four months of declines in the nation’s weekly joblessness claims. Extra unemployment benefits are set to expire next week.
  • A federal judge ruled Michael Cohen need to be released from prison. United States District Judge Alvin K Hellerstein stated the president’s previous attorney need to be enabled to go back to house confinement, concluding that Cohen’s imprisonment was “retaliatory because of his desire to exercise his First Modification rights.” Cohen announced previously this month that he was nearing completion of his book on the president.

For coronavirus updates from around the globe, follow the Guardian’s worldwide blog:

Dr. Anthony Fauci tossed the very first pitch, at an empty baseball stadium, to kick off the Nationals vs Yankees game in DC.

Big league Baseball lastly returned today– with several coronavirus precaution in place. Games will be played between teams in the very same area, to restrict travel. And fans will have to see from home – though the locations may play crowd noises to make the gamers feel more at ease.

Ahead of the minute, Fauci informed Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman he was nervous about throwing the first pitch.

Here’s how he did:

Rudy Gersten
( @DCBarno)

Fauci very first pitch. pic.twitter.com/7bvIiEaw2t

July 23, 2020

I can’t say I ‘d do any much better.


Survey: Florida voters Trump and guv DeSantis

Nearly 80%of citizens in Florida said the state must mandate face masks, according to a Quinnipiac survey launched today.

Facing a record variety of coronavirus cases, 70%of Floridians who were polled said the infection was “out of control” in the state. A bulk felt it was hazardous to send kids to school in the fall, which Guv Ron DeSantis reopened the economy “too quickly”.

More from Quinnipiac:

Voters provide Governor DeSantis an unfavorable task approval for his handling of the action to the coronavirus, as 38 percent authorize, while 57 percent disapprove. In April, 50 percent authorized, while 41 percent disapproved.

Citizens give President Trump an unfavorable task approval for his handling of the action to the coronavirus; 37 percent authorize, while 59 percent disapprove. In April, 46 percent authorized, while 51 percent disapproved.


Trump consultant Judd Deere validated that the president talked to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman today. They talked about the coronavirus pandemic and economy, and “President Trump also revealed his well desires” to Bin Salman, Deere said.

Previously today, Trump spoke to Vladimir Putin, for the first time since the New york city Times reported that Russia paid the Taliban bounties to kill US troops.

Judd Deere
( @JuddPDeere45)

Today, President @realDonaldTrump spoke to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two leaders discussed the current favorable developments in beating the coronavirus pandemic and re-energizing international economies.

July 23, 2020


The Trump campaign has launched a declaration on the decision to cancel the RNC convention in Jacksonville:

” Leading by example, President Trump has actually put the health and wellness of the American individuals first with his decision on the Jacksonville convention,” stated project manager Expense Stepien. He guaranteed that the campaign would schedule “amazing, useful, and passionate shows” in lieu of a standard convention.

My colleague Mario Koran reports:

As United States school districts complete plans for the fall semester and classes in some districts are set to remain online, some moms and dads have actually begun collaborating to form “pods” with other families and organize their own forms of education.

Elyssa Katz, a Santa Monica mom of three, is growing a matchmaking service to connect families with tutors, or “Zutors”, as she calls them– a word she remains in the procedure of trademarking.

” The function of a Zutor is a tutor, a nanny, and an angel for a moms and dad,” Katz told the Guardian, someone who can take control of adult needs, help kids with online homework and take them outside when it’s time for “recess”.

Katz’s customers range from the rich and popular, to daily people who require childcare due to the fact that they can’t care for their children while they need to work. Katz said she had actually gotten calls from parents as far away as the Hamptons.

For a matchmaking charge that can vary from $700 to $1,000(₤549 to ₤785), Katz and her team will talk to tutor candidates, run background and referral checks, then match them to the right families.

Fees for tutors and childcare can vary from $20 to $65(₤15 to ₤51) an hour, which would amount to $1,625(₤ 1,276) a week if a tutor was hired for 5 hours a day, five days a week– though Katz stated charges differ by the type of service.

” Some services are charging as much as $125(₤98) an hour.

Trump had at first lobbied for a full-blown convention, loaded with guests without face-coverings. In early June, when North Carolina’s Democratic guv Roy Cooper stated that would be impossible to organize amid a pandemic, noting in a letter to the RNC that “it is unlikely that we would be to the point at the end of August to be able to have a packed 19,000- person convention,” Trump stated they were “required” to pick a various city to host the occasion.


That’s it for the instruction. Trump said he’ll throw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on August15


Dr. Anthony Fauci – the health official in charge of the US reaction to the coronavirus pandemic who has actually been sidelined during these day-to-day briefings – is throwing the first pitch at the Washington Nationals vs Yankees game today.


Trump bragged that the United States has actually conducted more coronavirus tests than any other nation. This may well be real however here’s some context:

Per the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus resource center: “In order for governments to recognize new cases and successfully react to the pandemic through tracing and treatment, testing programs ought to be scaled to the size of their epidemic, not the size of the population.”

Part of the reason that US needs to conduct a lot screening – much more than it is currently doing– is since the size of the break out here is so huge. There are more cases of coronavirus in the US than anywhere else in the world.


Trump as soon as again called for schools to reopen. ” Districts might require to delay resuming for a few weeks,” he acknowledged, as cases rise.

If public schools do not open, Trump stated that financing needs to “follow” students to personal and charter schools.

The Republican Politician National Committee had recently revealed it would limit attendance at its Jacksonville convention as Florida’s coronavirus cases and deaths spiked, restricting the variety of visitors that delegates have the ability to bring and spreading out the occasion across two locations.

Florida reported its largest variety of deaths in a single day from the coronavirus today, and more than 10,000 Floridians have checked positive for Covid-19 up until now.

The convention was originally indicated to be kept in Charlotte, however the RNC moved the location after North Carolina’s guv Roy Cooper hesitated about hosting large, crowded events amidst the pandemic without distancing and safety measures.

” When we made these changes, we had hoped to be able to prepare a conventional convention event to which we are all accustomed,” RNC chair Ronna McDaniel wrote in a letter to committee members at the time. “However, changes must be made to adhere to state and local health standards.”


Trump cancels the Jacksonville Republican nationwide convention

Trump stated that it is “not the right time” for a big convention in Jacksonville.

” I informed my group it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Florida part of the convention,” he said.

Jacksonville, Florida citizens submitted a claim versus the city, the Republican politician National Committee and the Trump project earlier this month to stop the convention in August, worried that a huge event would accelerate the spread of disease in a state that is currently a coronavirus hotspot.


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