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President of Portland NAACP says the protests were supposed to be about black lives, not white women

E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland chapter of the NAACP, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post Saturday about the protests in Portland and arguing that they’d become little more than “white spectacle” when they were supposed to be about black lives. We’ve never been sure why the mob there thinks burning down the…

E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland chapter of the NAACP, published a viewpoint piece in the Washington Post Saturday about the demonstrations in Portland and arguing that they ‘d become little more than “white spectacle” when they were expected to be about black lives. We have actually never ever made sure why the mob there believes burning down the federal courthouse will advance the reason for Black Lives Matter. And don’t get him begun on that “iconic” image of Naked Athena facing down a line of police officers on the other side of an intersection.

President of Portland NAACP: “Portland’s demonstrations were supposed to be about black lives. Now, they’re white spectacle” https://t.co/c5nnrChqFK

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) July 25, 2020

He composes:

Images of “Naked Athena,” as the protester has been labeled, have gone viral, her unclothed confrontation with authorities making her honors as a brave ally of the cause. I see something else: a recipient of white advantage dancing vainly on a phase that was originally created to raise up the voices of my oppressed siblings and sis. In this, she is not alone. As the demonstrations continue every night in Portland, many individuals with their own programs are co-opting, and distracting attention from, what ought to be our central concern: the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sadly, “phenomenon” is now the best method to explain Portland’s protests. Vandalizing government buildings and tossing projectiles at police draw attention– but how do these actions stop cops from killing black people? What are antifa and other leftist agitators achieving for the cause of black equality? The “Wall of Mothers,” while perhaps well-intentioned, winds up rerouting attention away from the urgent problem of murdered black bodies. This might reduce the consciences of white, wealthy women who have previously been silent in the face of black injustice, however it’s reasonable to ask: Are they actually enhancing the reason for justice, or is this another example of white co-optation?

Remember when this was all about George Floyd, whose death was considered dreadful and unjust by black and white liberals and conservatives?

Expense Maher stated it best.

There’s this thing where white folks are culturally appropriating how mad they have to do with racism.

Folks was available in and took control of occasions and made it about themselves and THEIR rural outrage. Not the outrage of the folks being affected.

— Mike (@MikePossibly) July 25, 2020

Jake, trying to separate protestors by race serves nobody and just weakens movements.

–( @chuchukian) July25,2020

Maybe you ought to tell that to the author of the post.

— Bill Schtinkwater (@Big_Jazz_Boy) July25,2020

The Portland demonstrations might have felt nominally associated with black lives at the beginning. They have focused on anti-police (seem versus police reform or re-doing how we imagine and implement public safety) and anti-capitalism long before introduction of federal forces.

— Alex C Stewart( @CuriosACStewart) July 25,2020

The mommies are the very first to confess’s not about them. They exist to magnify the message of black lives matters

— Share( @ShareD47) July25,2020

They’re doing a horrible job.

They were constantly a spectacle

— Steph( @steph93065) July25,2020

They have to do with summer, tired white kids, gender confusion, college debt, misery and a desire to feel part of something essential while not actually striving or taking care of others.

— Lex Jurgen( @Lex_Jurgen) July25,2020

If there was a point to the Portland protests/riots, it’s long been forgotten by the rest of the nation.

— I am Baker Mayfield( @Thewbert3 ) July 25, 2020

NO JOKING!!!! And it just took60 plus days to reach that conclusion …

— Dan Nassimbene( @DanNassimbene) July25, 2020

They constantly were Jake

— I’m focusing( @ColtrainRobert) July25,2020

You mean they weren’t about getting a little bread to eat, Tune of the South, or Trader Jose’s and Trader Ming’s? What ever TF?

— Little Larry Sellers( @SpawnOfDanelaw )July25, 2020

Is that what these individuals were going for? https://t.co/A5m6x2pFZ1

— Winston Wolfe (@winstonwolfe_1) July25,2020

If it assists, anybody I’ve seen spoke with tries to reframe the protest and point it back to the original protestors. The media is doing #BLMa big injustice by focusing on the white faces brand-new to the march.

— Chris Thompson (@Chris_librarian) July25,2020

They’re a spectacle alright

— Jemma ╦ ╤ ─( @Donadeedooda) July 25,2020

It’s constantly had to do with changing the story!

— Veronica Jackson( @FabFiftyy) July25,2020

With the help of the media.

It stopped having to do with black lives along time ago.

— chris d( @crsmik1) July 25,2020

Tough to disagree with that analysis.

— TahteesSzn (@matilackisback) July25,2020

Newsflash from the department of” duh”.

— RedHairBlackLeather( @smoothtoquer1) July25,2020

Where the F have you been Jake? Take an honest look at what is happening.

— Ray (@girlydrinkdrunk) July 25, 2020

They were never ever about black lives. Get up people.

— Shawn Gebbia (@esjebs) July 25, 2020

Riots *

And they perfectly match the BLM objective to press Marxist ideology.

— Gray God (@GrayGod8) July 25, 2020

They just noticed this?

— Eduardo de la Goya (@Falconeddie1) July 26, 2020

no shit.

— Brad Crockett (@pizzapimp812) July 25, 2020


— This is A Parody Of A Parody Of A Parody … (@NoJustNo143) July 25, 2020

This just in from … us.

— Fed Dept of No Sh t (@NoShitDept) July 26, 2020

He’s not wrong

— Albert Thomas (@alberto_VO_5) July 25, 2020

They’re trying to burn down a court house. It’s not a protest.

— Dale Cooper (@AgentCoopr702) July 25, 2020

Has anybody asked what the plan is once they do get into the courthouse …?

— Firas Durri (@firasd) July 25, 2020

Letting these white radicals utilize the BLM motion for their own program. Can anyone say plantation

— Michael J Rotter (@rotter_michael) July 26, 2020

Those “demonstrations” in Portland have never ever had to do with assisting the lives of blacks. They are about politics. Extreme politics.

— Guy Without A Party (@HimJ2020) July 25, 2020

Anyone following this last 57 nights is like welcome to the story. This is domestic terroism tolerated by woke Dem leadership.

— 3Bet99(@ 3Bet99) July 25, 2020

Have we run out of holes. If not I definitely wish they would crawl back into them. I was done with the naked woman doing yoga.

— james (@jraymondbrown01) July 25, 2020

LOL white suburban fortunate kids have taken over! You don’t say ♀

— VeronicaCorningstone (@andreaUSA7373) July 26, 2020

Can somebody discuss what the goal of these demonstrations are?

— Warm (@Toasty84822150) July 25, 2020

The number of unarmed black guys are eliminated each year?

It was constantly political theater.

— catduck (@kingxerocole) July 26, 2020

Portland Terrorist actions have actually never been about Black lives, it has always had to do with anarchy led by Antifa. Antifa has actually treated any tranquil protesters as stooges, to set a peaceful story to mask the desired violence to come.

— Ralph Miller (@ralph_spud79) July 25, 2020

There sure are a lot of triggered white people in the comments stating that there’s no way blacks might accomplish what they’re trying to attain without their aid. Like doing naked yoga.


Moms and dads who brought 6 month old child to Portland riot location believe tear gas risk worth it due to the fact that she got to witness history https://t.co/0Y5h6lRxQl pic.twitter.com/zcMungbDSt

— Twitchy Group (@TwitchyTeam) July 25, 2020

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