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New York policeman require protester into unmarked van, video shows: ‘New York City is taking after Portland’

Ryan W. Miller USA TODAYPublished 9:45 AM EDT Jul 30, 2020New York police dressed in shorts and T-shirts grabbed a protester from a demonstration during an arrest Tuesday and put them in an unmarked minivan, video of the incident shared on social media shows.The tactics were quickly compared to those of federal agents in Portland, where…

Ryan W. Miller

The tactics were quickly compared to those of federal representatives in Portland, where regional authorities have raised issues over arrests they state are illegal and without probable cause as videos there have likewise shown authorities apparently swoop in and pull protesters from the streets into unmarked vehicles.

The stress in Portland drew more nationwide attention when, comparable to the arrest Tuesday in New York, video emerged of law enforcement pulling protesters into unmarked lorries and driving away.

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