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Instant Opinion: ‘QAnon – the online cult that is a threat in the real life’

The Week’s daily round-up highlights the five best opinion pieces from across the British and international media, with excerpts from each.1. David Aaronovitch in The Timeson the pro-Trump deep-state conspiracy theory QAnon: This online cult is a danger in the real world“A decade ago I published a book about modern conspiracy theories. I had studied dozens of…

The Week’s everyday round-up highlights the 5 finest opinion pieces from throughout the British and global media, with excerpts from each.

1. David Aaronovitch in The Times

on the pro-Trump deep-state conspiracy theory

QAnon: This online cult is a danger in the real world

” A decade ago I published a book about modern conspiracy theories. I had studied lots of them, from the created Procedures of the Elders of Zion (guess who the infernal plotters were in that one), to ‘9/11 was an inside task’, through the surprise family of Christ. On the way I looked at “the federal government is poisoning us” memes, baby sacrifice themes, beliefs in a secret world federal government, Manchurian candidates, Obama being an undercover Kenyan, allegations that the Clintons had actually required to murdering their assistants and that the Queen is in fact running the world’s banks. All were ridiculous however some were really demented. Now picture one gigantic, compendium theory which puts all of these together– that’s QAnon … When a phenomenon on the fringes of the web, the QAnon movement moved traditional onto Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The latter was helped with by the algorithm which advised videos to users of the platform. In the exact same way that I get Marianne Faithfull advised if I’ve asked for The Dubliners, so individuals looking at Princess Diana videos may end up with QAnon, and down the rabbit hole they went. (Keep in mind the rabbit?)”

2. Tom Peck in The Independent

on the PM’s brand-new interactions strategy

Piers Morgan vs Rylan Clark-Neal: the runners and riders to be Boris Johnson’s personal representative

” You would have a hard time to discover anyone even within the Conservative Party with much of a hint what Boris Johnson is meant to be good at beyond being a ‘good communicator’. So it should be surprising for the celebration to find on its own site a ₤100,000- a-year task ad to be Boris Johnson’s official ‘communicator’. According to the advertisement, it will be the lucky candidate’s job to ‘interact with the nation on behalf of the prime minister’. To take on, in other words, the extremely last bit of the task that hasn’t currently been entrusted elsewhere. In fairness to the PM, it does state that the function will also involve ‘communicating complicated issues plainly and concisely to the general public’, so it’s not simply that he can’t be troubled to do it himself– it’s actively beyond him. If communicating things plainly and concisely is needed, a man who simply can not resist describing his bike as his ‘velocipede’ is quite right to be generating external competence.”

3. Afua Hirsch in The Guardian

on the UK cops’s race issue

Who will hold the cops to account for racist acts that criminalise a neighborhood?

” I therefore lots of others have written over the years about a list of other cases in which black individuals have been treated with monstrous contempt. Victims are not likely to be able to identify who exactly within the wider criminal justice system is responsible for these more wrongs. Take the household of Mzee Mohammed, just 18 when he passed away on the flooring surrounded by police officers and guard. They were offered a decomposing body to bury. And what about Sarah Reed, whose story is hauntingly told in 1500 & Counting? She was a susceptible lady who was assaulted by authorities in2012 A couple of years later on she was put behind bars, and went on to take her own life behind bars … Who will hold the police to account? Not the criminal justice system, which has actually never ever convicted a single officer for murder or manslaughter, in spite of numerous crucial inquest verdicts, reports, reviews and questions.”

4. Nicholas Kristof in The New York City Times

on the protests in Portland

Help Me Find Trump’s ‘Anarchists’ in Portland

” I’ve been on the cutting edge of the protests here, looking for the ‘radical-left anarchists’ who President Trump states are on Portland streets each night. I believed I ‘d discovered one: a guy who for weeks jumped into the fray and has been shot four times with effect munitions yet keeps coming back. I figured he should be a crazed anarchist. However no, he ended up being Dr. Bryan Wolf, a radiologist who wears his white physician’s jacket and brings a sign with a red cross and the words ‘humanitarian help.’ He pleads with federal forces not to shoot or gas protesters. ‘Put your gun barrels down!’ he weeps out. ‘Why are you loading your grenade launchers? We’re simply standing—-‘ And then they shoot.”

5. Angela Epstein in The Daily Telegraph

on swabbing airport arrivals

Instead of play quarantine live roulette, why don’t we evaluate individuals at airports?

” Am I missing out on something, or doesn’t it make ideal sense to check arrivals flying into this country for coronavirus? … Naturally, I’m absolutely nothing more than a simple armchair epidemiologist. Larger fry than me have actually echoed the call for airport tests, not least Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye – who thinks airports must be allowed to check for coronavirus. Otherwise, he says, Britain is simply playing a game of ‘quarantine roulette.’ Culture secretary Oliver Dowden immediately used a sniffy and unhelpful rebuttal, telling the BBC that coronavirus testing at airports is not a ‘silver bullet’ to stop the infection. Did anybody state it was? This is everything about relative risk. And there’s more possibility of the virus spreading out through breaking imposed (and unneeded?) quarantine. In the existing scenario, quarantine will rely on the robust ethical fibre and strong civic responsibility of those returning from Spain.”

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