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‘Arms race’: How the Portland shooting shows protesters on the right and the left are bringing weapons

Chris Woodyard and Kevin McCoy USA TODAYPublished 2:23 PM EDT Sep 7, 2020Michael Forest Reinoehl lived life recklessly and died violently. Though he was a middle-aged father, the Oregon man received a gunshot wound when he interceded in a confrontation, was caught driving 111 miles per hour in a Cadillac while apparently racing his 17-year-old son…

Chris Woodyard and Kevin McCoy

But offered the life on the edge that Reinoehl had actually been living, it isn’t all that surprising.

Records reveal Reinoehl, who most recently had actually been living in Sandy and Gresham, Oregon, had been consistently ticketed and or apprehended by police in Oregon for speeding, driving under the impact of intoxicants, or operating an automobile without a driver’s license or insurance coverage dating back into the 1990 s.

Many of the cases were closed with the payment of fines that ranged from $24 to $120

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